The Co-Boss

Lani ‘CO-BOSS’ Latter has been a key ingredient in both the branding and financial planning of the business.


Lani’s exposure to warbirds began immediately when Geoff and Lani met in 2004.  In fact, their first date involved Geoff giving Lani a tour of one of the warbirds he was flying.  It should also be noted that Lani’s first surprise date for Geoff was the Comox Air Show, an event they have been involved with ever since.


Lani always worried whether she would have the same interest for Geoff’s passion of warbirds, but after her first flight in one she was hooked!  Not wanting to just be “Another wife of an air show pilot”, Lani has been involved in all aspects of the venture since it’s inception in 2005.


Not only does Lani play a key role in the business side of Geoff Latter Airshows, she also shares the role of Crew Chief with PAN-AM, as well as being a mother to their son Evan, another avid warbird flier.

The Chief 

Erica ‘PAN-AM’ Williams joined the team in 2015 as Nancy's Crew Chief.


Originally from Montreal, Erica has been immersed in aviation since childhood, her father working in quality control on everything from the iconic DC-4 to modern fighters such as the F-35 Lightning II. 


Erica has always been an old soul, and this is especially true when it comes to cars, music, and aviation.   She says there is something special about the earlier days of aviation.  “The glamour, the honor, and the skill – it’s the legacy left behind.”


As Crew Chief, she is not only responsible for preparing Nancy for flight and assisting with air show operations, she is also an integral part of the safety net that keeps Geoff Latter ready and focused.


When not acting as Crew Chief, Erica works in the airline industry as a flight attendant.

The Maintainer

With years of experience maintaining, retrofitting, and rebuilding vintage classics, Doug Wilson has become one of the trusted “Warbird Whisperers” in the industry. Doug has experience working on a wide range of aircraft, including large piston fighters, eastern block radials, and classic jet warbirds.


In addition to his experience as a maintenance engineer, Doug is also a skilled aviator.  Doug rebuilt his own 1949 Cessna 140A, “Betty”, which he flies regularly.


The trust between performer, machine, and maintainers is absolutely essential. Doug has been the primary maintainer of Nancy since 2012, and he know's Nancy as intimately as anyone could.


As all air show performers have experienced, when it’s down to the wire, it’s the maintainers and their keen sense of problem solving that really deserve the credit. We simply could not do it without their ingenuity, skill, and expertise.


Here's to worthy dreams, the excellence to realize them, and the courage to risk failure in their pursuit.

Geoff Latter Airshows

Abbotsford Airport

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