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We are thrilled to offer an exciting and fast paced YAK-50 aerobatic display showcasing the powerful and unlimited flying qualities of this former 2-time World Aerobatic Champion. From high vertical maneuvers to tumbles across the sky, this iconic aerobatic thoroughbred is a true showstopper!


Audiences of all ages enjoy the look and noise of this unique aircraft, as well as the graceful lines in the sky that are created by the smoke system. When not flying the display, Geoff Latter is interactive with the air show guests as he answers questions, signs autographs, takes pictures, and connects with fans, young and old.


Whether engaging with spectators, entertaining VIP’s, conducting interviews, or performing professionally executed display flights, Geoff Latter Airshows provides the complete package.


We look forward to performing at air shows and aviation events across North America, as well as connecting with fans.  Please contact us for information on our requirements, and to find out how we can help make your event a success!



Here's to worthy dreams, the excellence to realize them, and the courage to risk failure in their pursuit.

Geoff Latter Airshows

Abbotsford Airport

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